About Us

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before"


Richard Sarvis found himself driving his wife and her friends to various local wineries on a regular basis. He would drive and watch, and visit with the winery owners, as they enjoyed wine tastings. Soon, he realized that his service was being used more and more, by more and more people and developed friendships with many of the owners. The idea for NC Grape Escape Tours soon followed.


Everyone enjoys spending time with friends and family. Touring some of North Carolina's local wineries is a marvelous way to spend an afternoon or evening. Our local wineries offer live entertainment, dancing, games and, of course, a relaxing place to sit and visit with friends while enjoying the best wines around.


NC Grape Escape Tours takes the worry out of wine tasting. By offering quality transportation, you can visit multiple wineries and experience the different flavors of wines offered by each without worrying about who is the designated driver.


We'll teach you the basics of "wine etiquette" and inform you of the events happening at each winery destination. We'll give you plenty of time to purchase your favorites and keep those precious bottles safe on the trip.


Q: How many people make up a group?
A: We can accommodate any size of group. Groups are normally 6 people or more for the vans.....10 or more for the party bus or shuttle bus. Don't have a group? We can add parties together.


Q: How long does the tour take?
A: We do 4 or 5 vineyards on an adventure. Most tours leave around 10 am and return around 5:30.


Q: Do you choose the meeting place or do we?
A: We will pick you up and deliver you back to a place of your choosing. We do have standard meeting spots, but can accommodate you. Just tell us where!


Q: What is included in the cost?
A: Transportation to and from meeting spot, on-board bottled water and snacks. Wine tasting fees can be included. Lunch can be provided for an additional fee.


Q: Are children allowed on the tours?
A: As a rule, we do not allow children to take part in our wine tasting adventures. Adults need time to do adult things!

Q: Where all do you go for weddings and special events?

A: We will go almost anywhere you need us.  Triad area, Elkin, Wilkesboro, Concord/Charlotte or into the Durham area. Your event is more important to us than the distance we travel.  Simply call us and we can get a personalized quote for you!

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